Aeration Sytems

An important part of the digestion process, aeration systems are an effective solution to coarse particle recovery in wastewater.

Hydro Tanks

Combining floatation and density separation

Aeration sytems enable coarse particle recovery in wastewater. Conventional separation methods can often mean course material (up to 6 mm) is lost. A flotation device and a density separator aeration systems combine froth flotation and gravity separation.

Fluidized water is introduced through a network of pipes in the unit. As the air bubble dispersion rises through the bed, the bubbles become attached to the hydrophobic particles increasing their buoyancy. Meaning the lighter particles rise to the top while the denser particles settle and are discharged at the bottom of the separator. Typically used in the beverage and distilling industries Raptor’s range of aeration systems are designed to meet the needs.

Key features

  • Separates course particles from waste water
  • All work certified
  • A range of sizes available
  • Delivery and installation across the UK and Ireland

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What our clients say

“Denis and his team have on all occasions provided expertise and practical solutions to what we require. They run all projects that they are involved with in a professional manner.”

Declan Gaffney
Executive Engineer, Meath County Council

All our Raptor products in the factory are built to spec and are of a high quality, coupled with a fast turnover from order. Altogether an excellent service.”

Brendan Lynch
Engineering Manager, Abbott Ireland

“We have worked with Raptor on a number of projects over the years and not only are they excellent manufacturers but they care about their clients and focus their full attention to every aspect of the job.”

Oliver Miney
Engineering Manager, 2 Sisters Food Group

“The team at Raptor consistently deliver high-quality craftsmanship and professionalism on all projects carried out at Glanbia Virginia. A prompt and flexible service.”

Noel Brady
Maintenance Supervisor, Glanbia Ingredients Ireland

Case studies

 Raptor awarded Deptartment of Defence contract
Complete waste water treatment plant for food production facility

Raptor Engineering were comissioned to design, manufacture and install a complete aerobic treatment system for a food production facility in Kent. The system incorporated a reverse osmosis (RO) and disinfection unit capable of achieving potable-grade water from recycleable to processed at a rate of 200m3 per day. Our team working closely with the client to scope, design and install the system. Managing and overseeing the project from concept to completion.

Aerobic wastewater treatment system for poultry processing plant

Raptor completed the design and installation of a bespoke aerobic wastewater treatment plant for a Poultry processing plant in Doncaster, UK. The system comes with fully automated controls and is capable of processing up to 1,600m3 of effluent per day.

Raptor new facility at planning stage
DAF system for leading pet food manufacturer on Lancashire, UK

Raptor were commissioned to design and install a Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) system for a leading pet food manufacturer in Lancashire, UK. Our team first scoped the project and then designed, built and installed an upgrade to the existing system. The new system now better meets customer needs and has the capability of processing up to 300m3/day of effluent per day.

Our Clients

A few of the people we work with

Irish Water
Cavan County Council
South Dublin County Council
ESB Networks
Monaghan County Council
Meath County Council
Fingal County Council
County Council Comhairle Contae

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